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BOrunners are fluid-dynamically formed track body modules that include a stainless steel-reinforced injection unit, ensuring the entire grooming system works smoothly and quickly.

More Details

BOrunner details

The standard RamBO system comes equipped with BOrunner. BOrunner track bodies are produced from ultra-high-molecular polyethylene. This material has superb gliding properties and prevents the adhesion of water and snow. At the same time, its fluid-dynamic shape ensures greater compaction at the track sides. This means the track has a better shape and will remain stable longer.

When conventional plates can no longer set tracks as a result of changing temperature and weather conditions, RamBO and its BOrunner, with its modular combination of material and form, keep on working well, delivering great track results.

The BOrunner track body has a height of only 30 mm, giving a longer track inset when snow depths are lower.

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Best of both worlds

Two in One. Speedboat and icebreaker.
The RamBO cross country ski track plate from DICO Sport is as lightweight as a plastic plate, but as torsion-resistant as a steel plate.


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