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The easy-to-operate BOlift attachment component is specially developed for combining the RamBO system with a snowmobile or quad.

In any position, BOlift regulates the correct contact pressure for any type of snow, either as a hand-operated lifting system between BOroll and RamBO, or directly with the Liftadapter between the snowmobile and RamBO.

More Details

BOlift hitch

The new BOlift is the ideal, cost-effective hitch for snowmobiles. Its clever, 100% mechanical design without costly electrical devices means that BOlift always provides the optimal contact pressure via its two stainless steel springs. Rapid lift function with hand-operated braked winch. Handles curves safely due to its 45° slew angle.

BOlift can be coupled directly to the BOroll or attached to any snowmobile using the optional liftAdapter.

BOlift is low-maintenance and reliable.

RamBO is making tracks in...

Even in international cross country ski events and competitions, experts rely on the RamBO "rapid modular board".
Find good tracks in the snow.


Best of both worlds

Two in One. Speedboat and icebreaker.
The RamBO cross country ski track plate from DICO Sport is as lightweight as a plastic plate, but as torsion-resistant as a steel plate.


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